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what is mesh?

mesh by Shari Saiki serves you the rare and raw flavors of the world.  Guided by the sharp eye of Shari Saiki, this full service store is your secret door to the outer realm of truly unique home furnishings, accessories and gifts.

Shari Saiki

Every element of mesh is inspired from travel, architecture, cuisine and the culture from those places and spaces that Shari Saiki has ventured to.  Global would be the operative term in her Interior design influences.  Whether it is the bizarre architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona, the herringbone stone patterns in the ceiling of the Duomo in Florence,  a colorful food market in Chiang Mai,  or the taro fields of Hanalei.  It is those influences that  can only be experienced at mesh.

why mesh?

It is simply a lifestyle store for those that are not afraid to experiment, need a nudge, dare to be different.   Consider it a taste of Shari Saiki Design Studio.   A way to add one or two inspired touches to your life setting.